About Argentea Silver and Me

My name is Anna.

I'm a metalsmith and a jewelry designer. I create wearable art, contemporary jewelry, one of a kind rings, earrings and much more since 2014.
Argentea is a unique jewelry brand set up by me.
The naming of it is very special to me - Argentea /arˈɡen.te.a/ is translated from Latin as smth female silver.

I love working with different materials - metals, natural gemstones, leather, enamel, wood etc. But silver is my favorite material to work with.
I live and create jewelry in my tiny studio in Yerevan, Armenia. But I can deliver almost anywhere in the world.

 For more details on delivery please see the policies of my shop or contact me directly. I will eagerly discuss any questions regarding design, delivery and sizes.
Please feel free to contact me both in English, Armenian and in Russian. 

You can follow me on Instagram 

Modernist Jewelry Designer Creator👩🏻‍🏭⚒ (@argenteasilver) • Фото и видео в Instagram

or read the blog (comming soon) where I will be sharing with you my short and long, funny and not so stories of my life and news about Argentea.

          I have a few principles in the work:

⚒ I do not create jewelry upon someone else‘s sketches

⚒ I create one of a kind jewelry - I can create something similar, in the same style, with some other stone, if you ask me so, but can never repeat the same jewelry piece. jewelry pieces solely made by hand can never be all the same

⚒ I love creating mixed metal jewelry

⚒ The stones I use in my artworks are only natural minerals, from human grown gems I use only pearls

⚒ If making special orders, I try to take into account the preferences of the customer in choosing a style of a jewelry piece, stone or a closure type for earrings or a ring band style. For the rest, I ask for complete trust and freedom of creativity - the result has not upset anyone yet.